Ever wanted to bust out your "big dog" (one wood driver)at the local mini-golf joint and cream that stupid laughing clown with a crushing drive to the head? Yeah, us too. That's why we were thrilled to see we could actually blast some long balls without getting arrested in the upcoming mini-golf-on-steroids Shot-Online. You'll bounce tee shots off of the Great Pyramids of Giza, make the fairway through Mayan Temples and thread putts between teepees and totem poles.

There's some serious golf to be had here as well - for you to enjoy alone, or with up to three friends in a foursome. Complex weather, wind and terrain will keep you guessing long after you learn the courses. You'll create a unique player that will increase in ability as you play, making Shot-Online a deep role-playing game combined with a meticulous golf simulation. Using the horsepower of the PC, Shots puts golf through an extremely realistic modeling process, including motion-captured club swings of a PGA tour veteran.

Shot-Online is free to play (download an early version of the game at However, character skill development and performance-enhancing gear isn't available unless you get some "cyber cash" by trading in some real dollars via credit card.

The final retail version will include a golf cart full of game-boosting premium items, cyber cash and tournament invites when the game tees off in September.