Shooters review

Just when you thought the last bunch of geezers had laid down their sawn-offs and headed off to that great mockney heaven in the sky, along comes another batch of hapless lowlifes to sully the good name of British cinema.

This time out audiences are asked to give a monkey's about the fate of Gilly (Louis Dempsey), fresh out of prison and looking to go straight with the money he left with his good mate J (Andrew Howard). Trouble is, the strung out J has invested it in a guns deal due to go down at the end of the week, and if Gilly wants his dosh he's going to have to keep J safe till then...

Shooters has all the production values of one of your dad's home movies. Playing spot the Welshman with a string of bizarre celtic cameos (Matthew Rhys, Ioan Gruffudd, Jason Hughes in a variety of unconvincing guises) is frankly about the only reason to stay awake past the opening credits. That and wondering how director Glenn Durford assembled such a talented cast for such a po-faced piece of overly familiar clichéd drivel.

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