Shambling in your direction

Valve’s announcement that they’re working on zombie game Left 4 Dead might have grabbed the headlines, but it’s the industrious Half-Life 2 and Source engine modding community who are getting the most mileage out of remixing-the-zombie concept.

Perhaps a dozen zombie-based mods are currently in progress, with a handful having already been released. Some classics, such as Zombie Panic, have already seen incarnation in the original Half-Life, and the living dead are only getting more popular.

So what we have here are three different angles on the same theme, each one built by fans and delivered with a view to entertaining us with the shambling undead. Projects like this are the lifeblood of PC gaming - people picking up the tools left behind by commercial devs and figuring out ways to make intense and hilarious messes out of human corpses.

Keep an eye the official sites, or, to catch their launch. Zombie Panic can be found at, No More Room in Hell at and Zombie Master at, you guessed it,