Shadow Hearts: From the New World Cheats

Shadow Hearts: From the New World Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Beau

    Ring Fragment Locations

    1. You will get one to start off from the little boy in Upper West Side New York
    2. In the Grand Canyon, right after leaving the village heading towards the altar, stay along the right wall, it will be in a bush.
    3. In the Carribean Pirate Fortress, after you clear the area, examine the Captain's room.
    4. In the research facility in Roswell, in the same room as the merchants, go to the fork and go along the right path, will be in a treasure chest.
    5. In Las Vegas, will be in a corner of the gambling room.
    6. In Vilcabamba, in the same room of the merchants, go along the path instead of going down, will be in a corner.
    7. In Uyuni Salt Lake, there will be one on top of a yellow pillar in one of the later puzzle rooms, the last color crystal puzzle room.
    8. In Garland's Home, it will be located in a treasure chest in Johnny's father's room.
    9. In Alcatraz, after it is cleared, revisit and head to the boss room. Will be in a treasure chest.
    10. In Chicago, there is one in a corner in town.
    11. In Aito Cave, there will be one in a treasure chest inside the room with 4 seperate ways, can easily see the chest.