SFX Issue 1

You’ve seen what’s in our latest issue – how about a quick trip in the TARDIS back to 1995 for a look at what made it into our first issue

On The Cover:

Tank Girl

Australia, Girl, Tank, Mutant Kangaroos, Destruction and beer.

What more do you need to know…

Just How Good Is Star Trek Voyager ?

The first six episodes kick off the series.

SFX interview: Iain M Banks

British Author gets the privilege of being the first SFX interviewee.

Doctor Who rumoured to be coming back..

Paul McGann supposedly to play the good Doctor in a Spielberg Film.

A look into the Creature Workshop

Where Britain’s finest Creature Creations are made…

Interview with Sigourney Weaver

Aliens star talks about Ripley and Alien 4


FILM : Tank Girl , Street Fighter , The Mangler ...

TV: RoboCop , Chiller , and Bugs

Video: The X-Files , Babylon 5

BOOKS: Everville , The making of Tank Girl

Comics: The Invisibles , Bob The Galactic Bum .

Toys: Enterprise model

Tosh: Vertigo Tarot

Departments :

Blue print: the secrets of Tank Girl (hmm, something of a Tank Girl theme this issue…)

John Grant: Are fantasy Movies better than novels?

Competitions: win the latest Videos and books!

Yesterday’s heroes: The Six Million Dollar Man !

Things that could, and should be on TV:

Doctor who



Red Dwarf season 7

Space Precinct


Why is there so little SF in Brit TV?

Judge Dredd , the biggest blockbuster of 1995? No .

Jordan Farley
Deputy Editor, Total Film

I'm the Deputy Editor at Total Film magazine, overseeing the features section of every issue where you can read exclusive, in-depth interviews and see first-look images from the biggest films. I was previously the News Editor at sci-fi, fantasy and horror movie bible SFX. You'll find my name on news, reviews, and features covering every type of movie, from the latest French arthouse release to the biggest Hollywood blockbuster. My work has also featured in Official PlayStation Magazine and Edge.