Sega Golf Club - hands-on

And if you're not happy because you're about to hit a duffer, it's possible to work in slight revisions by quickly turning back anticlockwise to a more preferable position. Essentially, the whole gameplay system (other than aiming, which is cared for with the d-pad) is assigned to the Dual Shock's right analogue stick. It's a brave decision.

Outside of Arcade and Tournament modes, Sega Golf Club features a novel Putter Golf game which places Sonic rings about a mini golf course. The challenge is to putt and zing the coins. It's pretty cool, as are the outfits of non-pro player characters who dress like skinny Virtua Fighter rejects. Why are they even here, alongside recognized professional Japanese players? Because this is an arcade game from Sega. Happily, it's also a PS3 launch title.