Sega Golf Club - hands-on

There were more golf games at TGS than there were train driving simulators - what is the world coming to, you rightly ask? Still, there was plenty of variety on the fairway. The highlights were Tecmo's Super Swing Golf for the Wii (it really is super), Sony's Everybody's Golf 5 for the PS3, and this - Sega Golf Club -also for Sony's $600 beast.

Sega Golf Club looks a bit like an arcade game from late 2004 - that's because it is. But don't let that put you off. From what we've played of it, the team responsible for its conversion to the PS3 seems to have landed on an innovative and enjoyable control system. It took us about10 minutes to get used to it, but at last the methodology clicked a switch upstairs, we putted, and it had become genuinely good fun so we queued for some more turns.

Using the right analogue stick, you begin a stroke by tapping up to center your player's position and pose. You then move the stick to the far right, which initiates a power gauge, and gradually guide the analogue stick clockwise around its outer reaches, only releasing the stick when you're happy with how your shot will go.

Jonti Davies is a freelance journalist who writes for Retro Gamer magazine. You'll typically find Jonti diving into the history of the video games you grew up playing and exploring the 'making of' some of the best and most iconic games of all-time.