See Yooka-Laylee's retro-inspired multiplayer minigames in action

Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor Yooka-Laylee might seem like a strictly solo affair, but it turns out that along with the various collectibles scattered about, there are eight multiplayer mini-games waiting to be uncovered. A new trailer showcases a few of them and introduces the holographic dinosaur who runs the arcade they're kept in:

Arcade games will support up to four local players, though they can be tackled solo if you want to aim for the high score. A second player can also jump in and help out in the main campaign, though they won't be controlling Yooka or Laylee - instead, they'll play as the Bee Team, acting more as assistants who can grab items instead of fully fledged characters.

A colorful 3D platformer with couch co-op and couch competitive multiplayer in 2017? The world of gaming is a weird and beautiful place.

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