See the OnLive Android app in action

If you’re not already familiar with the service, OnLive is a Cloud gaming service that streams games directly to your PC, Mac, or TV (via the OnLive Game System). When you think about it, this means being able to play the best games out there with no 360, no PS3, no game discs, no downloads or installs, no expensive gaming rig, no video card driver errors, nothing. OnLive’s servers process everything and stream the game directly to your computer monitor or TV. But now, with the OnLive app, you can do this on your Android devices as well.

But how do games look and play through the cloud? Join us for a look at service and see Street Fighter IV and Split/Second in motion on an Android tablet. The OnLive app is free and we’re running it here on an Asus EEE slider tablet. You can head to the Android Market for the app and more info on compatible devices.

If you’ve never tried OnLive, signing up for an account is free – and we suggest you check it out, even if all you do is browse through the service’s gigantic video wall that lets you spy on other OnLive users gaming in real-time. There are also lots of 30 minute free trials to sample on demand if you ever want a quick look at a game you’re still on the fence about buying.