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See GamesRadar's new nav before the rest of the world

Here at GamesRadar, we try to be realistic. Thus, when even Time magazine's Person of the Year issue realizes that the users - regular or at least semi-regular people just like you - are the true commanders of the internet, we gave in to the inevitable conclusion that this isn't our website. It is, in fact, the property of you, the readers. We just maintain it for you.

So, welcome to the team, boss! Now, how about pitching in a little? We've got a huge list of improvements to the site that we're going to be rolling out over the next several months, but the first one is up on our beta site right now, waiting for your approval before we send it live. It's a new navigational unit that we hope will make it simpler for everyone to get around this massive maze of video gaming grandiosity we call GamesRadar.

We're ready when you are.Jump over to and give it a clickaround. Then, head into ourforumsand tell us what your brain, eyes, and mouse finger think of it. Be honest, too - we can't make this thing better if you don't tell us what you want.

March 22, 2007