Secrets of Nintendo

Jan 4, 2008

Nintendo are masters of illusion, hiding some of the biggest games-to-be from the public eye with the kind of skill that’d turn even David Blaine into ahow-dey-do-dat. Try looking into their top hat and all you’ll find is Reggie Fils-Aime uttering a nuh-uh and waving a bar chart to distract you from any gaming rabbits that may be inside. Simply put: you’ll only know when Nintendo want you to know.

Scour the net and you’ll see just how watertight Nintendo’s secrets ship is. New games are never broken by a single news source, but delivered simultaneously to the doorsteps of every journalistic outlet lucky enough to be in Nintendo’s contacts book. Even those websites with Nostradamus levels of insider prescience- we’re looking at you, Surfer Girl- have never got their mitts on info from the belly of this particular beast.