Secret DC Black Label title coming from Jeff Lemire and Doug Mahnke

Jeff Lemire
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Jeff Lemire has announced that he is working with artist Doug Mahnke on a secret series for DC's Black Label imprint. Revealed in his newsletter, Lemire said he and Mahnke originally talked about working together over a decade ago, with the plan finally coming to fruition.

"I fell in love with Doug's work when he did Frankenstein with Grant Morrison and have been a devoted Mahnke Fanboy ever since," Lemire writes. " One of the first pieces of original art I ever bought was a page from Doug's Frankenstein when I met him at a Con in Toronto over a decade ago. I had just started Sweet Tooth then and I remember showing early pages to Doug. He and I talked about working together since, but our schedules never lined up."

(Image credit: Doug Mahnke (DC))

Lemire worked briefly with Mahnke back in 2013 when he co-wrote Justice League of America #6 and #7 with Geoff Johns. But that seems to be a mere appetizer for this feature-length DC Black Label project.

"Well, they finally did later last year and now Doug is drawing a new DC Black Label book I wrote," Lemire continued. "People often ask, 'Is there any DC or Marvel characters you still really want to write?' and this is that character. My favorite DC character that I never really got the chance to do the way I wanted. But now I have. Cannot wait for you all to see Doug's work on it too!"

Lemire said he has another unannounced, unrelated DC Black Label project in the works but gave no further details.

Although Lemire is no longer a DC-exclusive creator, he has been very busy at the Black Label imprint with Joker: Killer Smile, The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage, Batman: The Smile Killer, and Sweet Tooth: The Return.

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