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Sea of Thieves gets phantom ships that shoot ghosts out of canons

The Haunted Shores update is live on Sea of Thieves (opens in new tab), and the seas are being haunted by ghost ships that leave mines in their trails and fire off genuinely frightening Wraith Cannonballs.

Apparently, the chaotic evil Captain Flameheart opened up a portal that lets a new spectral enemy run riot in the Sea of Thieves with fleets of ghost ships headed by Flameheart himself. Taking down the flagship Burning Blade will earn you some "spooky loot" and allow you to score some of those ghosty cannonballs for yourself.

There's also a new voyage you can pick up from Duke at any tavern or through the Order of Souls. That'll set you off on a quest where you'll need to drown as many ghost ships as possible, take their captains' skulls, and sell enough of them to get the new Ghost Captain sails.

It sounds like you'll need to act quickly and decisively if you don't want to find yourself on the Ferry of the Damned, as ghost ships are "fragile," but also fierce and deadly. Watching the video up top, it's easy to imagine how quickly one of those - much less a whole fleet - could sink even the most determined galleon.

Elsewhere, the Haunted Shores update adds a number of new, and weirdly non-spooky - cosmetics, pets, and quality-of-life updates. There's a whole new line of Inky Kraken equipment, gold-plated pets, and you can finally select which shanty you want to annoy your friends with.

Check the complete list of Sea of Thieves patch notes (opens in new tab) to learn about all the new stuff in free Haunted Shores update.

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Jordan Gerblick
Jordan Gerblick

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