Scorn is a horror shooter channeling Alien's H.R. Giger, and it's coming to Xbox Series X

Scorn, a horror FPS set in a grotesque alien setting, is coming to Xbox Series X as a launch exclusive. 

A new and quite disturbing trailer for the game was shown during today's Inside Xbox event. It's a delightfully disquieting watch for horror hounds, with plenty of grotesque creatures which really sell the game's foreboding, nightmarish atmosphere. 

Developer Ebb Software's debut title puts a lot of emphasis on the environment, and for good reason. The "living and breathing" world features different, interconnected zones, each with their own stories, puzzles, and characters. The story is told entirely without cutscenes through in-game events, and gameplay involves elements of survival, resource-management, stealth, and puzzle-solving. Of course, there's also a fair bit of emphasis on your bone-in gun, which seems to be more than just a tool for combat. There are also different skills and weapons to acquire, so we may see some light RPG elements in Scorn as well. 

Scorn's aesthetic was directly inspired by artists like H.R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński, which is evident in its biomechanical themes and abstract, non-conforming structures. It's as if someone sculpted hell from alien meat and then taught parts of it how to breathe. 

The game has actually been in development since 2015, and has seen multiple delays (and multiple Kickstarters) since. But with a new trailer confirming its release on Microsoft's next-gen box, things are looking up for the creepy shooter.

In addition to its launch on Xbox Series X, Scorn is creeping its way onto Xbox One and PC at an undisclosed date - whenever the Xbox exclusivity expires, that is - and we're still waiting on word on a potential PlayStation release. 

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Austin Wood

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