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Revenge is a dish best served lukewarm in Gavin Grazer's crime comedy, built around bank tellers hatching separate schemes to embezzle cash from their desert-based employer. Sounds like an opportunity for some wage-slave wish-fulfilment, a chance to cheer on the little guy as he strikes a small-but-subversive blow against the system.

Truth of the matter is, we spend our time looking for a pulse amid a hotchpotch of half-baked romance, sloppy slapstick and geek-girl Xena fantasies. Helmer Grazer (brother of Hollywood big-shot Brian) has plenty of ideas but slings them together in a listless fashion, his direction as exciting as queuing for an ATM.

It'd be nice to say the cast do their best but that ain't the case. The worst offenders are Alicia Silverstone's twitchy teller and get-rich-quick villain John Cleese, all cartoon sneer and no subtlety. At least there's Blair Witch actor Joshua Leonard - - his smarmball bank boss proves to be the only thing that leaves a mark.

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