Sci-Fi Bargains Of The Week

King of the Cheapskates Steven Ellis delivers his weekly money-saving sci-fi advice

Hello and welcome to this, the Friday SFX bargain round-up. After a week off in tropical North Wales, we’re back to wandering round the shops looking shifty and surfing the net to bring you cheap and cheerful ways to help you spend your disposable income. Step this way for your bargain sci-fi goodies…

First up we have the greatest geeky show we’re not watching, at least according to SFX blogger Matt Risley . Check out what all the fuss is about with Community . Season One can be your on DVD for just £14.99 .

With filming already under way for the new Red Dwarf series, why not check out their last offering. Red Dwarf: Back To Earth The Director’s Cut is available on DVD for £5.49 . If you want more fun with Lister and the gang, then Zavvi have the Red Dwarf “Just the Shows” boxed set for just £21.95 , again on DVD.

Staying with Zavvi we spotted a 2 for £12 offer on Blu-rays. Included in the offer are such sci-fi greats as [REC] , Tremors and Waterworld . Okay, they might not all be “greats” exactly, but check it out anyhow; you might find something for you.

Next up we have the TV adaptation of Douglas Adams’s brilliant sci-fi comedy book series. The classic ’80s Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy TV series can be yours for £5.99 on DVD. And if you’d like to give the 2005 movie version a go then you can pick it up on DVD for £5 or on Blu-ray for £6.99 .

Amazon is selling the digitally re-mastered versions of Star Trek: The Original Series on DVD. Season One , Season Two and Season Three are all available with extra shiny bits for just £14.99 each.

And why stop there? Boldly go further… You can also get all ten Star Trek films in a DVD boxed set for £36.99 . For the completist among you out there you can also pick up JJ Abram’s lens flare-drenched Star Trek movie effort for £5 on a one-disc DVD.

Next up we have our regular Nic Cage-in-a-bad-wig suggestion: Knowing can be yours on Blu-ray for £5.99 or on DVD for £3.99 . We reckon it’s worth it for the stunning plane crash sequence alone.

Remember when M Night Shyamalan was the man to watch? Why not check out his greatest hits on Blu-ray? See dead people with The Sixth Sense , available for £6.69 or how about Unbreakable ? This straight faced tale of a superhero’s origin can be yours for £7.49 .

Play is selling the theatrical version of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy on Blu-ray for a bargaintastic £14.99 . We know we always rave about the special editions, but with all three films for less than £15 , this is still a great buy.

Our regular wander round the super markets turned up a few DVD bargains but not many Blu-Rays this week. In Asda we spotted loads of sci-fi and fantasy DVDs including Iron Man 2 and Thor for £7 each; the first two Transformers films for £5 each; individual Indianan Jones and Jurassic Park films for £5 each; X-Men: First Class for £7 ; Kick Ass for £3 ; and Tucker And Dale Versus Evil for £5 . TV bargains included Series Five of The Sarah Jane Chronicles for £10 and Doctor Who: The Unit Files for £19 . And if you’d like to see LA get destroyed you can pick up Skyline and Battle LA for £5 each and see it trashed twice.

Asda’s Blu-ray bargains include Source Code for £10 , Scott Pilgrim for £9 , The Incredible Hulk for £5 , Devil for £5 , Splice for £7 and The Last Exorcism again for £7 .

In Tesco we spotted loads more cheap DVDs including The Adjustment Bureau for £7 , 300, Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow, I Am Legend, Blade, The Island and GI Joe for £5 each. We also saw Watchmen for £3 .

HMV is doing an in-store sale on boxed sets. Amongst the range on offer are the Back To The Future trilogy for £8 , The Matrix films for £7 , Being Human series one to three for £20 , True Blood seasons one to three for £39 and Battlestar Galactica individual seasons for £15 each. On Blu-ray you can get The Matrix Trilogy for £20 , The Alien Quadrilogy for £18 , all the Superman films in one box for £25 and the Family Guy Star Wars parodies for £22 .

Next up we have some random suggestions from our forum. First we have Breyah , who spotted a boxed set of ten Charlene Harris Sookie Stackhouse books for £9.99 in her local branch of The Works. Midnighter found the four Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith sneak preview figures for £3.99 each in his local Home Bargains.

Pinky And Perky Are SciFi found this excellent Doctor Who Tom Baker T-shirt for £5 from Play and Count Libido found some cool Playskool Star Wars toys. Chewbacca and Han Solo figures together for £9.90 .

STOP THE PRESS! We’ve just been tweeted by Russel Guppy the following hot tip:

“My local Sainsbury’s has the Character Building TARDIS set for £2.99!”

Now, we’re not sure if this is an offer just in Russel’s home town of Chichester, or in Sainsbury supermarkets countrywide, but it’s worth checking out!

Remember folks, if you find anything we’ve brought you this week cheaper somewhere else please mention it in the comments section below. We want as many bargains ideas for our readers as we can get. And don’t forget; if anyone out there spots a sci-fi bargain they want to share then please pop over to the forum and mention it in the relevant thread. This thread is for movie bargains , this one is for TV bargains and finally this thread for random bargain finds . Keep your eyes peeled for great offers for your fellow geek and maybe your find will be in the bargain list next time.