School bans tag, blames games

14 February 2007
A UK school has banned its pupils from playing tag and kiss chase, after it claimed the influence of videogames was making the formerly innocent childhood activities 'too rough'.

"The children are watching television, they're watching films and they're playing computer games. Very often it's the violent element of that they are seeing and hearing. That's what they're going to come on to our playground to play," the headteacher at the school in Lincoln told the BBC.

Of course, what they seem tofail to realise, is kids throughout the ages have always enjoyed hitting each other at playtime. Usually under the pretence of playing tag.It's a fact. Videogames just provide a new, more exciting context for the hitting.

A child at the school remarked, "The good thing is that lots of people can't get hurt. But the bad thing is it's pretty boring at playtime." We'd suggest getting a PSP or DS, but they've probably banned them as well. Bastards.

Source: BBC