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Saw II doesn't need much explanation

You begin the game with a key embedded in your face, just belowyour righteye. The key unlocksa mask. The mask is about to snap shut on your face, and that will probably hurt. So you cut the key out of your face with a scalpel (which also hurts) by pressing a button really fast and moving the analog stick. Ew.

From there, you explore, solve things, avoid traps, and defeat psychotic opponents. That's Saw II. See? Wetold youit doesn't need much explanation.

Ha! We jest! (Kind of.)We actuallydidn't get to play much of the game, so there's not a lot we can comment on. Is the combat better than it was in the first game? We don't know. Are there elaborate and exciting puzzles? We don't know - the puzzles we did play were pretty mundane, if challenging (we needed help from the guy standing next to us a few times).

Like we said, we know thatSaw II isabout exploration, puzzles, traps, and scary dudes who want to kill you:

Above: See how it says "Watch your step?" A clever investigator will realize that the door needs to be opened, and the opponentlured into the shaft. Pretty deep stuff

If you like torture porn, and the Saw series especially, Saw II is a game based on that. Damn that sentence was informative! The gamebuilds on the story from the first Saw game, and is very similar, so if you liked that game, guess what? You'll probably like this one.

If, however,you have no interest in Saw, this may not be the game to suck you in - we didn't notice any massive innovations. But like we said, we didn't get to play much, andwe won't know for sure until weplay the rest of the game. Maybe Jigsaw has more up his sleeves than we realize.

Apr 9, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer