Samba De Amigo to get DLC on Wii

Box art for Sega's rhythm action game Samba de Amigo has emerged online, complete with a revealing little icon up in the top-left hand corner for Nintendo's new 'Pay To Play' service.

The 'Pay To Play' logo is a new indicator that at some point content will be available which will not be covered by the retail price.

Nintendo technical expert Takashi Aoyama said last February that Nintendo would be "collecting fees for some services [that] will allow us to adapt flexibly." Samba is one of the first.

Being a music rhythm game, we suspect that the services will be extra tracks to download. The revelation prompts us to wonder where Sega plans to store these songs, given that Harmonix claimed in an interview with us that the reason they couldn't do downloadable content was the lack of a hard drive on Wii. Pay-to-Play DLC could be the first sign Nintendo is planning a hard drive for 2008.

Either that or we're way off the mark on this one. Who knows - maybe the content will come in the form of new clothes for Samba or different maracas he can use.

Courtesy of CVG.

May 6, 2008