Sadness soundtrack released, though the game probably never will be

Remember a black-and-white Wii survival horror game called Sadness? No? Don't worry. It seems neither do the developers these days. It was announced in 2006, and promptly went on to look very promising indeed before immediately doing a great deal of bugger all. There's been barely any news since, bar increasingtalk of cancellation, but if nothing else, we can now listen to its soundtrack. Which is very good indeed.

Above: An image related to Sadness. Be careful with it, it's very rare

Released as clips onthis blog right here (opens in new tab), composer Arkadiusz Reikowski's Sadness' tunes play outlike a batchof chronically-depressed Final Fantasymelodies being put out of their misery by Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka, while the sounds inside a serial killer's head play as background ambience. They're really, really well composed, and whether melodic, delicate, heavy or just atmospheric, there's barely a track that couldn't sit proudly and happily in my music collection at home.

But then again I do have some very weird shit in my music collection, and I'm not a man you should ever put in charge of the playlist at a party, unless you want the atmosphere to immediately go a bit David Lynch. Seriously, my nephew's sixth birthday was a mess of crying and upset, and that was just the clown.

Above: You'll note all our Sadness pics are live action promos, not actual screenshots. There's probably a reason for that. In fact there is

But I digress. You should listen to Sadness' soundtrack if you have any appreciation of the classier, more interesting end of the game music spectrum. It won't give you any more insights into the game itself (though the titles do reveal that there would have been several mines, someone called Alexanderand at least one puzzle), but you will know that it would have sounded very nice indeed. In fact this stuff would be a prime contender for a futuregame music of the day (opens in new tab)entry, if only there were an actual game to qualify it as applicable.

David Houghton
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