RUMOR: New PSN to look more like XBLA, Steam

Sony is rumored to be undergoing a redesign of PSN which will see the online service adapt a new color scheme, content listing system, a more user-friendly PlayStation Store, and an overall streamlinedappearancesimilar to that ofXBLA and Steam.

The report, posted by Reg Hardware, claims Sony is now market testing afresh newlook for PSN that will allegedlyinclude a decluttered menu, the addition of a 'deals of the week' section, andthe use of bright colors against a black backgroundin lieu of the standard blue aesthetic.

Changes are also anticipated for the PlayStation Store. According to the report, the revamped digital retail outlet will feature a live search method, as well anIMBD (opens in new tab)-esque approach to searching for movies and gameswherein titles will be accompanied with background info and external links to thetalent associated with its production.

It's anyone's guess as to why Sony would seek a redesign of the PSN, but the prevailing theory is the company is hoping to rejuvinate interest in its online offerings following the recent hack attacks, or that it is simply playing catch up with competitors. If true, what other improvements would you like to see made?

Jul 5, 2011

[Source:Reg Hardware (opens in new tab)]

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