Ron Howard tackling The Parsifal Mosaic

Universal is clearly looking to kick the production of movies based on Robert "Bourne" Ludlum's books into high gear, and has attached Ron Howard to The Parsifal Mosaic.

It's another twisty thriller from Ludlum, which finds a CIA operative watching his lover get gunned down shortly after she's exposed as a KGB double agent.

But, as with all things Ludlum, it's not quite that simple.

David Self, who wrote Road To Perdition and most recently helped out on the script for the troubled new take on The Wolfman, has been hired to adapt the book.

Next week, Universal is set to begin negotiations for The Purchase Conundrum, a thrilling, all-action run down of what Ludlum once bought at a supermarket.

[Source: Variety ]

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