Role-playing Renaissance

Even though the Game Boy Advance is in its waning years, there are still a few key genre titles to look out for. Atlus, perhaps best known for its low-key, yet astonishingly deep titles (like the DS' Trauma Center) has announced two new GBA strategy games that should chew up many handheld strategists' lives.

Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation and Yggdra Union are coming to the GBA this summer and fall, respectively, with a Taisen sequel already slated to follow later in the year. Nintendo DS owners, don't feel left out - there's more Atlus love for you, too.

Contact, an action RPG combining cooking, costume changes and critter-taming, will arrive over the summer as well. It also happens to support the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Follow the links below to individual looks at these three potential genre standouts:

Yggdra Union (GBA)

Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation (GBA)

Contact (DS)