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Rockwell joins Cowboys & Aliens adap

Jon Favreau sure knows how to round up a killer cast.

Having just signed Harrison Ford to his Wild West space-cowboy collision course latest, he’s also adding Iron Man 2 ’s Sam Rockwell to the list.

Heat Vision report that Rockwell has joined his Iron Man 2 director for Cowboys & Aliens as bar owner Doc, who helps Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde and Ford to defend their planet from raiding aliens.

The flick, based on the graphic novel by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, begins shooting in July and is set to invade cinemas on 29 July, 2011.

In the novel, the long and bitter rivalry between 1800s Arizonian cowboys and Apache Indians is disrupted by the appearance of an alien craft, which crash lands in their terrain.

When the alien commander sets about attempting to tame the Old West and enslave the human race, the cowboys and Indians lay their differences aside in the face of their alien pillagers.

Think Rockwell's a perfect fit for C&A ?