Rocksteady dishes on how Batman Arkham VR explores the "world's greatest detective" angle

Batman: Arkham VR has made big impressions with us, and might just end up being the PlayStation VR's killer app. But how did it get that way and what was Rocksteady thinking as they took their first steps into the world of virtual reality? That's the subject of a new behind-the-scenes video from PlayStation, and it's worth a look: 

My favorite part is when Lead VR Designer Bill Green says that, "As with any Arkham game from Rocksteady, we spend a lot of time layering in secrets, cameos, details. Every single moment in the game has been handcrafted." While a first-person VR game is going to be quite a bit different from the third-person adventures that Rocksteady has thus far crafted, it's nice to hear that the design philosophy of meticulous attention to detail hasn't changed.

For more Batman VR fun, watch resident senior writer David Houghton play around with the game (and get excited by virtual cakes) at Gamescom 2016

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Sam Prell

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