Rock School review

""Don't look at your fingers. Girls look at their fingers,"" music teacher Paul Green snarls at one student, ""Do you want to be in the Bangles?"" Failed rocker Green is a documentarian's dream. A bubbling ball of ego on the point of explosion, the proprietor of Philadelphia's modestly entitled Paul Green School Of Rock Music incessantly bellows insults and derision at his 8-to-18-year-old students. So much so it's surprising that one of them doesn't garrotte him with a guitar string.

A mix of interviews, classroom scenes and footage of their trip to Germany to take part in a bizarre Frank Zappa festival, Don Argott's patchy film is as furiously OTT and enjoyable as an AC/DC guitar solo. So what if a little more background on Green would have been nice? Even if we don't know what makes him tick, the overbearing svengali's monstrous presence gives this familiar tune a rattling good hook.

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