Rock Band will light up your bedroom...

Jan 14, 2008

We love strumming the guitar and bashing the drums in Rock Band. But sometimes just turning the volume up isn%26rsquo;t enough to give you that complete rock star experience. Luckily EA%26rsquo;s also noticed that there%26rsquo;s something missing and, according to US retail site GameStop, are gearing up to release a Rock Band Stage Kit.

The Stage Kit is an %26ldquo;Interactive Light and Smoke Stage Show%26rdquo; featuring a smoke machine and lighting rig for your bedroom which, if the lights sync up with what you%26rsquo;re playing and don%26rsquo;t look like they belong to a cheap wedding DJ, sounds all kinds of awesome.

The picture of the kit has since been taken down, but the $99 price tag and 23 May release date are still present. Details on a UK release date, or in fact if this is the real deal, have yet to be confirmed and when wecontacted EA UK no-one was available to comment. Despite all this however, we%26rsquo;re off to build a stage. Just in case.

ABOVE: A picture of the Stage Kit box, which has since been removed.