Rob Zombie unveils new Michael Myers mask

Rob Zombie has posted an early look at the mask for Michael Myers in the new Halloween sequel, H2.

Writing on his MySpace blog, Zombie talked up the character’s approach in the new film, which is – shockingly – much like his first attempt. Only more so.

“If you thought Michael was fucked before, you ain't seen nothing yet!” Zombie says. “He is bigger, meaner and more psycho than Dr. Loomis ever thought possible.”

Wayne Toth sculpting

FX guru Wayne Toth is back on the job sculpting the new mask, which shows even more signs of wear and tear than the original – looks like Mike’s been in a confrontation or two. See it in full in our galllery linked to this page.

H2 opens on 28th August across the pond and likely not too far behind that over here. It’s an odd date for a horror film, but A) the original film found success on August 31 and B) we don’t get to decide that sort of thing.

[Source: MySpace ]

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