Rick and Morty star suggests there's going to be "less of a wait" for future seasons

Rick and Morty
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With the Rick and Morty season 4 return date fast approaching, Chris Parnell, who voices Jerry on the Adult Swim series, has spoken to GamesRadar+ about the show’s upcoming seasons, saying there’s going to be “less of a wait” in future.

“I think, knowing now that we have the 70-episode order, I think there’s going to be less of a wait,” Parnell says of the decision by Adult Swim in 2018 to commission 70 more episodes of Rick and Morty.

So, it could be all systems go, even in times of uncertainty such as these: “One lucky thing is our show is animated in Canada, primarily, so they don’t have some of the same restrictions we might if our show was animated in the Asian countries where things have been a little more locked down,” Parnell said.

That’ll be Cromulon-esque music to the ears of Rick and Morty fans who have had to bide their time for new episodes seemingly throughout the show’s entire lifespan. It’s been a three-year gap since season 3 in 2017 and the end of season 4. Season 4 itself was also split in two with a near five-month gap separating the 10-episode run.

On the reasons behind the wait for season 4 to come back on our screens, Parnell said: “I think they just had to catch up with the scripts and it obviously takes a while to get it animated.”

“It’s the usual hold-up,” Parnell continues. “Except in the past because there was a big hold-up because we were waiting to see if there was a deal with Adult Swim or Turner. Once that was put into place, I think they were set up to move at a bit of a brisker pace.”

With some season 5 scripts apparently already written, as revealed last year by one writer on the show, it appears that Rick and Morty will have a far steadier schedule than the one that preceded it.

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