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Resident Evil: Village fan recreates Castle Dimitrescu in Dreams

Resident Evil Village
(Image credit: Capcom)

One dedicated Resident Evil: Village fan has recreated castle Dimitrescu in Dreams and it looks almost identical to the real thing. 

Martin Nebelong (opens in new tab) shared his creation on Twitter captioning it: “So I had planned that I wanted to play some more #ResidentEvilVillage last evening, but ended up having too much fun creating in Dreams.” In a clip showcasing the creation, we can see that Nebelong has expertly crafted the castle’s foyer, main staircase, and Lady D’s boudoir, complete with all the furniture and dressings. 

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Just when you thought being let loose to explore the vampire's headquarters was immersive enough, The Dreams designer also shared a video of their version of Castle Dimitrescu using a VR headset (opens in new tab) and it’s just as freaky to explore an empty castle as it is to experience it full of monsters as Ethan Winters. 

Talking of Castle Dimitrescu, it was recently revealed that the gothic-looking building actually has a real-life counterpart and that Capcom used the real version for inspiration when designing Resident Evil: Village. The real castle is actually called Peles Castle and is located in - funny enough - Transylvania, Romania.

This also isn’t the first time a game has been recreated in Dreams, as the likes of Ratchet and Clank and God of War have also got the Dreams remake treatment as well as The Shining's overlook hotel which is just as creepy as Castle Dimitrescu. If these projects weren’t impressive enough, there’s another designer who has created a photorealistic jungle in the game which looks good enough to be a PS6 game. 

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