Travel the globe with the best locations in the Resident Evil series

Resident Evil 7 is heading to Louisiana in the Deep South of America, however previous games have taken in a globetrotting tour from the US Midwest to China via Europe. Join us as we get our bloodstained passports stamped while visiting the best locations the Resident Evil series has to offer.

American Midwest - Spencer Mansion, Resident Evil

Hardly the most globetrotting start to the series, but that’s the point – the monsters trapping Chris Redfield in Spencer Mansion have him fearing he’ll never see the outside world again. It’s a location that could be anywhere, an everyman-sion. A true cautionary tale for the rich. Ish.

American Midwest - Raccoon City, Resident Evil 2

Claire Redfield, sister of Chris, arrives in this small city in search of her brother. Instead, she finds crashed cars, burning buildings and zombies chowing down on townsfolk. Introduces the series’ running moral: never travel anywhere. Coming to a remake near you soon.

American Midwest - Arklay Mountains, Resident Evil Zero

A train journey is the perfect time to gaze upon that magnificent Arklay Mountain scenery. An opportunity missed by Billy and Rebecca, who are A) too busy fighting a giant scorpion, and B) exploring in the middle of the night, so they can’t see squat anyway.

Unknown - Raccoon City, Resident Evil 3

“Hi there! You’re through to the US government, how can we help? Raccoon City? N-never heard of it. You heard it got nuked as part of a government cover up? R-ridiculous! The government can’t just make bad things disappear! Hmm? Whatever happened to that Phantom Dust remake?” *line goes dead*

New England - Tall Oaks, Resident Evil 6

“Hi! You’re through to the US government. Sorry for the delay, we definitely weren’t busy burying unsold copies of The Fighter Within in the New Mexico desert. Hmm? We destroyed Tall Oaks after another outbreak, you say? Er, congratulations! You’ve won a free one-way trip to Mexico!”

Just off the French coast - Rockfort Island, Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Claire is held captive here by Umbrella, only to be released after outbreak 8,678,439 of the T-virus. Devastatingly, there’s actually no French spoken in the game, meaning we spent months learning the French for zombie (zombi) for nothing.

Paris - Umbrella Facility, Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Claire Redfield takes a well-earned holiday to Paris. But instead of trying on berets and gawping at the Eiffel Tower, Claire attends an unofficial tour of a secret Umbrella facility. Typical workaholic behaviour, battling bioterrorists when she should be lazing on the beach pretending to enjoy Eat, Pray, Love. Tsk.

Spain - The Village, Resident Evil 4

Expecting sun? Here the sky looks like it’s thrown up after a gruel eating contest. Plus these villagers seem a century out of date even before the Las Plagas infection. Too busy crafting one of the best games ever to go on a research trip, devs? Cómo decepcionante...

Unspecified European mountain range - ???, Resident Evil: Revelations

Strictly classified this one, as Chris Redfield searches for a terrorist hideout in the chilly mountains. These terrorists, Veltro, are planning to infect the ocean with the T-abyss virus. What, from the mountains? They must have one hell of a throw.

The Baltic Sea - Sushestvovanie Island, Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Rolls off the tongue. Formerly owned by the Soviet Union, Claire Redfield has to escape this island prison while fighting monsters and severe deja vu, as this repeats the premise of Code Veronica. Draped in mystery, you won’t find this island on any maps.

Western Africa - Kijuju, Resident Evil 5

Glorious sunshine? Check! Colourful, varied buildings? Check! Brainwashed ninja women? Er, hang on. Active volcanoes that are traversed by punching your way through boulders? Sorry, what? You lot went on the same ‘research’ trip as the Resi 4 ignoramuses, didn’t you?

China - Lanshiang, Resident Evil 6

Neon signs spark over market stalls and skyscrapers, their sickly glow lighting up the ever-evolving infected that Leon, Chris, Ada and seemingly every Resi character ever battle to save the city. Goes quite well, bar that missile full of C-virus which infects the entire city. Ah well. Thanks for trying anyway.

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