Resident Evil Outbreak sequel due out this year

While Resident Evil Outbreak is , Capcom have already released details and screenshots of its sequel, Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2 (Biohazard Outbreak: File 2 in Japan).

The game continues the story of the eight characters that featured in the first Outbreak across other parts of Raccoon City. These include the zoo which, as the accompanying shots reveal, is now populated by zombie elephants. The PS2-exclusive game also looks set to allow players to swim, although we wouldn't really fancy our chances against a shoal of undead zombie fish.

While the Japanese version of the game is already confirmed as being online, it'll be interesting to see whether the UK version will offer online multiplayer gaming, following this mode being removed from the PAL iteration of the first Resi Outbreak.

Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2 is due to be released in Japan for PS2 in the autumn. We're not expecting to see a PAL version until well into 2005