Resident Evil 6 brain-dump by unstoppable, excitable games journalist (who should be on holiday)

I was sitting at home last night, enjoying a curry and a can of cold premium lager when my Blackberry started blinking its little red alert light at me. ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! It was an incoming message from GamesRadar's very own David 'Hooters' Houghton. Which surprised me because he's actually on holiday. Which to most people means not doing anything that involves work. But not Dave.

Above: Dave, if you're reading, this is what a holiday looks like

He had seen the Resident Evil 6 trailer and his brain could not be stopped. He was excited. He had theories. He sent a brain dump to my phone. And this is that brain dump. I thought to capture the true spirit of Dave's irrepressible enthusiasm, I would run the whole lot verbatim.

Please excuse Dave if some of the speculatory points seem a little off according to 'general opinion' (mostly point number 2), but he came up with this list of theories just minutes after the Resi 6 trailer first appeared. He didn't have hours to consider all the possibilities or grab all his info from various Resident Evil fan-sites once they had done all the hard work for him. Also, he did it while on holiday. Well done Dave, you are amazing.

The next voice you hear will be Dave's...

Right, I've just seen the Resi 6 trailer and reckon I've spotted some ultra important, exciting stuff. Obviously I'm not in tomorrow, but if you're putting together a trailer analysis feature, feel free to reference the following, along with the fact that I am amazing.

1. It will split play-styles between Leon (Resi 4 on steroids) and Chris (Batshit, balls-out, Gears of War meets Resi 5 meets Vanquish) in order to reconcile the series' split personalities and appease both camps of fans.

2. The guy with the shaved head is Leon after some forced medical/scientific experiments. The reference to his blood and him being important refers to residue from his Las Plagas infection in Resi 4. It will be the key to saving the world, but bad people will be after him for their own ends.

Above: Leon?

3. The girl with him is Ashley. Obvious given the appearance (and zombification and probable death) of the President, her father. She'll team back up with Leon in the aftermath, but will be the one protecting him this time to pay him back. Probably more grown-up, mature and independent than the fawning young girl she was last time, but probably still interested, and more chance of a real, equal relationship (of some sort) forming given her new found maturity.

Above: Ashley?

4. It will be Capcom firing the pre and post-Resi 4 continuities at each other on nukes filled with cocaine and horror. Basically, an ultimate, cranked-up culmination of all things Resi. And possibly a final, climactic crescendo before the series reboots totally with a new narrative. Also, it has that genuine Capcom spark that we haven't seen in years. Not since Clover/Platinum broke off actually.

5. I wouldn't be surprised if Platinum were involved in making it.

6. Also, Leon will get captured by the bad people after the incident at the White House. Ashley will see him and recognise him, and go after him to rescue him, going full circle with the plot of Resi 4.

If you're looking for actual Resident Evil 6 facts, have a look at our 8 things we know about Resident Evil 6 right now! article.

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