Resident Evil 3 offers the most challenging survival-horror action yet, says Official Xbox Magazine

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Hot on the heels of its triumphant Resi 2 reboot, Resident Evil 3 is action packed and the most impressive game yet in the survival horror franchise. In this month's Official Xbox Magazine, read our extensive hands-on playtesting of Jill Valentine's battle with the Nemesis.

The Nemesis is the scariest and most relentless monster yet in the Resident Evil games. Resident Evil 3, in which STARS member and series stalwart Jill Valentine is pursued through Raccoon City by Umbrella's bloodthirsty mutant, will be on Xbox for the first time ever thanks to this incredible-looking reboot.

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The Nemesis is set to be the most challenging enemy yet in the series, even scarier than he was in the original 1999 game. And we can blame Resident Evil 2's Mr X for that.

"The director looked at what they had done with the RE2 reboot," the game's producer Peter Fabiano tells this month's OXM, "and was like, 'Wait a minute, they've Nemesis-ified him!' So it was like taking it that one step further – we needed to make Nemesis ferocious and a real threat."

Read more from our chat with Capcom producer, as well as our hands-on impressions of the new game, in this month's OXM.

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