Resi Outbreak 2: New shots

With game details, a PAL launch in the summer and online multiplayer features already confirmed for the next game in the Outbreak series, Resi fans anticipating the next excursion to Raccoon City will have to make do with a drip feed of screens to satisfy their morbid lust for all things undead.

And the latest batch of screens doesn't disappoint. Giant mutant bugs, a decomposing elephant, killer vegetation, and a sinister, axe-wielding hooded psychopath give us a disturbing peep at what nerve-shredding horrors await in Capcom's upcoming offering.

Also evident in some of the shots are improvements to the original that should make the game a far less frustrating experience.

There's a shot of local law enforcer Kevin aiming and walking, and one of Jim crawling to obtain a herb - both actions that players were unable to do in the previous game.

Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 will be released for PS2 in the summer