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Requiem For A Killer review

A French Hitchcock-up

World-class opera singer Lucrèce (Mélanie Laurent) just happens to be one of the best contract killers in the business.

Naturally this cool blonde beauty wants out of the assassination game to spend more time with her adorable young daughter, but inevitably there is one last job: she has to wipe out a hunky baritone who’s singing Handel’s ‘Messiah’ at a music festival in a Swiss chateau, and on her tail is a guitar-playing French secret service agent (Clovis Cornillac).

Writer-director’s Jerome Le Gris’ sub-Hitchcockian thriller piles up the genre clichés to the point where you assume the whole enterprise must be an Agatha Christie-style parody.

Credit to Laurent’s hair and make-up team, but you think the filmmakers could’ve found an Alpine location with real mountains in the background.

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