Reno 911! Miami review

The shorts may be skin-tight but there’s a baggy feel to this feature-length outing for Comedy Central’s Cops piss-take. Roughly an episode’s worth of crack material is stretched across a poor excuse for a plot that hands the entire Miami beat over to Reno’s less-than-finest. In the ‘hit’ column lies anything to do with animals (jaywalking chicken, backyard alligator, exploding whale), a spot of masturbation en masse and one of two big-name cameos. On the ‘miss’ side we have our other mystery celeb, a running tit-tattoo gag and an overplayed Scarface skit. Despite the longer format, not all the Reno regulars get the room to flex their obvious talents: we see every acre of Niecy Nash’s prosthetic ass, but not enough of her interplay with wannabe- flygirl Kerri Kenney-Silver. A case of Lukewarm Fuzz, then – but with enough arresting moments to satisfy old fans and nail a few new ones.

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