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(Re)Introducing the Week of Hate

Yuck. What a mess, right? Thank goodness that stuff is all over and done with... well, for this year, at least.

This week, however, we're returning to form. That's right, folks, we’re falling off the wagon – the Week of Hate is coming back, and it’s as angry as ever. Check back all week as we discuss why some of your favorite games suck (yes, even that one), discuss the most rage-inducing games of all time, and even point fingers at some of the worst games of all time. We have a long list of things to scream and complain about, and we hope you join us.

And you’ll play a part, too. Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages, where we'll be asking you about the things you hate, too.

It’s an entire week dedicated to the things that are awful about the game industry, so get ready to purge yourself of all of that horrible, horrible, wonderful hate.