Reggie smacks Wii doubters

Are you one of those gamers that think Nintendo's Wii is nothing but a short-lived gimmick that will soon be gathering dust faster than a shelf full of UMD movies? Well, Nintendo's chief ass kicker, Reggie Fils-Aime, has hit back at cynical doubters.

In an interview withgames journalist andauthor, Dean Takahashi, when asked whether Wii's novelty would ultimately peter out, Fils-Aime pointed out that DS also attracted its fair share of gloom mongers in the early days. Of course, no one needs reminding of just how hot cake successful the touchy handheld has been since then.

The Nintendo presalso affirmed his faith in developers and their ability to continue creating novel uses for the controller and, when reminded of some critics suggesting that Wii is limited in terms of game play, he said "I wonder if they saw Zelda? It has 90 hours of game play."

Certainly from where we're sitting it doesn't look like the happy wheels are going to be falling off the Wii wagon anytime soon.

You can read the abridged Reggie interview with Xbox 360 Uncloaked author, Dean Takahashi, byclicking here.

February 9, 2007