Real activities that never should've become games

Given that the Gizmondo 2 was never released (bankruptcy,Ferrari crash, boom, e'splode, etc.), we may never actually see this game, but it did exist in some form. It was called "Mamma Can I Mow the Lawn," and if it's any indication of the kind of ideas that were coming out of Gizmondo around the time it (and itsgangster leader) hit the shitter, we don't have to wonder why the company never managed to rival Nintendo like it wanted.

How low do your ambitions have to be that you'd relegate yourself to playing a game that casts you as a sports team manager, as opposed to one which casts you as a famous athlete? It's like bypassing a war game in which you play a Navy SEAL for one that puts you in charge of handing out theequipment.

Above: Pro Cycling Manager 2008... just look how intense that must be, for the riders...

And of all the boring sports management games, I really couldn't think of anything that sounded more boring than cycling. Sorry cycling fans, but your sport is boring unless you're the one riding the damn bike.

Oct 22, 2008

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