Ready for Zombies of Mass Destruction?

Ah zombies… Is there anything they can’t do? Apparently not, which is why they’re now being used by the US military as a sort of stealth doomsday weapon. See, these rotting, flesh-chomping bastards have been specially modified to dissolve in daylight and are dropped behind enemy lines at night, designed to cause as much mayhem as possible.

Scared yet? You shouldn’t be – it’s just the plot of Red 5’s comic ZMD: Zombies Of Mass Destruction, which production company Benderspink has just optioned for a film. The plot will follow the comic, in that one of the undead bastards fails to self-destruct, meaning that a team of elite soldiers has to go in behind enemy lines and aim for the brain.

Former actor/stunt bloke Kevin Grevioux wrote the comic, and while he’s a screenwriter, it’s not clear if he’ll adapt the plot for the script. The Hollywood Reporter is getting its combat boots on .