Rayman Legends delay means 30 more levels, new bosses

Rayman Legends' six-month delay was upsetting for many fans of the series (and creator Michel Ancel), but the developers aren't just twiddling their thumbs as the content is ported to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

In an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine, Ancel and Senior Game Manager Michael Micholic said the extra time is being used to craft 30 extra levels and several new bosses--"trust me, the things we are adding aren't minor," Micholic said.

Ancel said the delay wasn't surprising, but it was still disappointing. At least Ubisoft Montpellier is making the most of it.

"No, I wasn't shocked, but it was really hard for us," Ancel said. "Of course, there are more important issues and problems in the world but we worked really hard to make something and were so involved, it was difficult for us and the fans."

Connor Sheridan

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