Rayman Legends coming to the Wii U, featuring five player co-op

At Ubisoft's E3 press conference, Michael Micholic took the stage to show off the features of Rayman Legends, the next Rayman sidescroller coming to Wii U. Boasting a new character, fresh levels, and content tailored for the Wii U controller, it's sure to be a hit with fans of Rayman Origins and/or nifty touchscreen gameplay.

The biggest change is the new character, Murphy, a flying green goober who'll help Rayman and co. make it through each level. The demo introduced his mechanics with a level set in a jungle treetop village, from which Rayman and Globox had to escape. Murphy is controlled entirely via the Wii U touchscreen, and his inclusion means that five player co-op is now possible. Swiping the touchscreen makes Murphy dash about, attacking enemies with a flying headbutt or collecting doodads that Rayman can't reach.

Murphy is also essential to passing certain obstacles; the demo showed him slicing out-of-reach ropes to drop a platform on top of a creepy tentacle monster, allowing Rayman and Globox to pass by unharmed. That said, Murphy players should be cautious - a mistimed spike drop by a Murphy rope-snap caused Globox to die later in the level.

Murphy's other talents include pulling platforms into place (complete with drawer-like handles) and spawning tings that both guide and reward precise jumping. He'll also be central to new levels that emphasize rhythm, where the touchscreen must be tapped in time with an excellent electric guitar riff to speed Rayman through the level. Murphy's looking like he'll made a great addition to the franchise, and the promise of five player co-op has excited to platform with Rayman and friends all over again.

Lucas Sullivan

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