RadarPlays - Kabuki Warriors

When a game gets low review scores across the board, you know it must be good. Not good as a product--in the case of Kabuki Warriors, it's atrocious--but good for a RadarPlays Freaky. Lucas, Greg, and new intern Donny take you to the stage of Japanese theater in this original Xbox fighting game. Face paint will be smeared, swords will be unsheathed, and backdrops will be mocked. Does Kabuki Warriors really deserve all the hate it got from critics? Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Let's just say this ain't no Bushido Blade.

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Lucas Sullivan

Lucas Sullivan is the former US Managing Editor of GamesRadar+. Lucas spent seven years working for GR, starting as an Associate Editor in 2012 before climbing the ranks. He left us in 2019 to pursue a career path on the other side of the fence, joining 2K Games as a Global Content Manager. Lucas doesn't get to write about games like Borderlands and Mafia anymore, but he does get to help make and market them.