Rabbit On The Moon review

A property deal turns nasty when Mexican Antonio (Bruno Bichir) and his British wife, Julie (Lorraine Pilkington), are unwittingly sucked into a world of corruption, arms dealing and kidnapping. When a politician is shot, Antonio is somehow implicated and, while he flees, Julie is abducted by a police thug and separated from their baby daughter...

Mexican cinema may have crested a wave of late, but Jorge Ram&iacuterez Suárez’s film can’t touch either Amores Perros for invention nor Y Tu Mamá También for heart. His attempt at a political thriller descends into tedium once the initial gun-smoke clears. The action sags as it flits between Julie’s confinement and Antonio’s exile in England, where he meets potential saviour, MI5 agent Adam Kotz. With semi-familiar British telly faces popping up, it begins to feel like a drawn-out, Latino-tinged episode of Spooks.


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