Q & A with SKATE's Associate Producer

How did you get involved with Danny Way? What input has he had?

Balmer: We're stoked about his involvement. He doesn't need the money and only gets involved with projects that align with his vision for skateboarding. He's helped us understand the physics behind huge airs, and been involved in extensive mo-cap sessions. He's helped the game feel "right."

The screenshots are a) Very real looking and b) Very empty. Will the game be predominantly a solo experience?

Balmer: Skating is not a team sport, it's just you and your board and where you skate. Our biggest inspiration comes from the experiences of being a skater in the city. Skating on busy streets, weaving through pedestrians, sessioning with other skaters and testing your skills against the pros. San Vanelona is wide open and you're free to explore right from the start, but like every city there are private spaces that you have to earn your way into.

What is the Tony Hawk series' strength, and where could they improve things?

Balmer: As a skater I've always respected Tony Hawk, but it always looked like skating, and never felt like it. Tony Hawk has been totally spoiled for me because I've been playing our game. It's a fresh look at what a skating game can be.