Psychedelic gun circus coming to DS

If you've frequented a bowling alley, movie theater or Wal-Mart vestibule in the past few years, you've no doubt seen the carnival-shooter Point Blank. The gun game - as in, you actually hold a plastic gun and shoot things -throws all kinds of state fair minigames your way, like blasting ducks or acing chickens in a set time limit. Now it's coming to the Nintendo DS.

Point Blank DS will combine minigames of the previous three titles, and as is expected, do it all with touch screen support. You can test your hand-eye abilities against other sharpshooters in versus matches or have the game analyze your blasting capabilities, complete with feedback. There'll be no shortage of wireless duels, but there's no word if the game's full-blown Wi-Fi or limited to local shootfests.

Yeah, it sounds straightforward as hell, but that's what handheld games need to be. Point Blank DS brings the circus home sometime this spring.

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