PSN gets exclusive comedy/adventure game

Oct 17, 2007

Things are bustling over at the PlayStation blog where the little rodent wheel is spinning with news. Greg Easley, co-founder and president of development studio Super-Ego Games (SEG), announced their new PS3 exclusive today, Rat Race.

Described as a "comedy/adventure" game, Rat Race will be available on the Playstation Network this winter with episodic content.

Although no specific names were provided, Easley's announcement claims Rat Race "has been written and voiced by some really funny people," the likes of whom have credits at such topnotch names as Saturday Night Live, Comedy Central, South Park, and Sex and the City.

SEG is no stranger to the eternal struggle for high-quality game characters, as part of their philosophy (as found on their website) is dedication to "high-quality writing, directing, and voice acting" and "fully interactive characters."

The premise of Rat Race takes place in-surprise-a dysfunctional office called BiggCo where your prime objective is "simply to make it through the day as bombs go off all around you."

Said Easley about Rat Race:

"Our goal is to give you the feeling of 'playing' inside an episode of your favorite TV show. Sometimes we describe Rat Race as an interactive sitcom, but that doesn't do it justice. There's more to the experience than funny dialogue. Along the way you'll sneak, sprint, solve puzzles, eavesdrop, steal, and even 'neutralize' that lab monkey."

Neutralizing monkeys? I guess they just don't play nice in the rat race. Cheeky monkeys.

Source:Next Generation