PSM puts holes in your body-meat

The violence-guzzling action movie-stars at PSM dove out of their limousines today to fire their new magazine into your chest. This month they%26rsquo;re seducing you and taking you on their private jet for agetaway to Hong Kong, where you%26rsquo;ll be romantically asphyxiated by dreamboat director John Woo. Yeah girl, it%26rsquo;s the apocalyptically destructive Stranglehold.

And Mr. Woo thinks you%26rsquo;re pretty %26ndash; you%26rsquo;ll be his little bloodbath artist, obliterating whichever watermelon you want, instigating whatever boat-on-boat gunplay you want, and winning as many Mexican standoffs as you want, honey. And cuz daddy likes it when you use both hands, he%26rsquo;s arming you with two shiny-silver handheld bullet-puking death machines.