PSA: Lightfall made Artifice armor even better, and Destiny 2 players can farm godly pieces by cheesing this dungeon boss in seconds

Destiny 2 Duality Dungeon loot
(Image credit: Bungie)

If you, like me, have found yourself in need of Artifice armor in the Destiny 2: Lightfall loadout meta, I've got good news. Duality is the featured legacy dungeon this week, and you can cheese one of its bosses in just seconds to farm godly rolls of Artifice armor.

This cheese has been making the rounds since Lightfall launched, but it's especially relevant this week, beginning March 14, with Duality in the rotation. The first boss of Duality, Gahlran, has been bugged out since the expansion launched. You can now lure him to the edge of his arena and bait out his jumping attack to send him careening over the ledge to an instant death, and the new Strand grappling hook makes it easy to avoid plummeting to death yourself (though you can also use something like Phoenix Dash or an Eager Edge sword). No mechanics, no DPS phase, just a Wile E Coyote-worthy pitfall. 

This process takes very little time and effort, and it's a great source of Artifice helmets, arms, and legs. You'll also pick up some rolls on the Epicurean fusion rifle and Lingering Dread grenade launcher in the process. The longest part, which is much faster with friends who can hot-swap the checkpoint with you, is queuing up the encounter. 

Artifice armor is still a Master dungeon exclusive, and it's better than ever now that it comes with an extra mod slot that gives three points to any stat of your choice. This is a small bonus, but it's perfect for rounding out your build to ensure your stats hit those thresholds of 10. Worst-case scenario, it's a free +12 stats to your loadout, accounting for one Exotic. Artifice armor is so good that I won't even look at any normal armor with a stat value below 65, and even those few high-roll pieces will need a great distribution to avoid an instant shard. And Artifice armor doesn't get much easier than this, especially with the new difficulty bump, so get farming, Guardians. 

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